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to the dialog box extender developers - two ideas i really liked


in trying the dialog box extenders, i came across two ideas i really liked that are worth implementing:

1) DirectFolders has a menu item in its button that will jump to the home directory of the application you are in - VERY useful.
2) File-Ex has a built in file search function that will let you search the current directory and then select a file from the results - VERY useful.

anyone else have any new ideas for these tools?

I don't now if this is the right thread or if you already know about this :(
but iam just discovered this and wanna let you know:


Dialog Box Assistant 1.01 (last freeware version)


This software adds two extra buttons to your
Windows Open and Save dialog box.

The left button shows you the list of most recently launched files.
The right button shows you the list of most recently accessed folders.

You can instantly launch a file or open a folder from the list
without having to waste time browsing.

Home Page: (shareware)
Download (366 kB)  (last freeware version) at

This program is great. What a pity that it does not work with the Microsoft Office File dialogs!  :(


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