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software for removing greenscreen/inserting any background

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Carol Haynes:
Corel has a plug-in for Photoshop called Knockout that specializes in this.
You don't even need a green screen to use it, so it should work great if you've got one.
-Jimdoria (January 18, 2009, 09:34 PM)
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I bought a copy of this years ago - it isn't that great and is effectively dead. I have Adobe CS3 and I haven't installed it but I am not even sure it is fully compatible with Photoshop beyond version 7 (it was certainly never updated after the CS range was released). Trouble with Corel is they continually do this - buy up products that are growing and then carry on selling them long after they are defunct (look at KPT plugins which have seen no development for many years but are still flogged by Corel). If they don't flog a dead horse they simply kill the application by trying to develop it (eg. PaintShop Pro).

If you want green screen software check out the BorisFX website, in particular ChromaKey. (You will need a second mortgage though as they are top quality professional tools).

Not sure but I think Pinnacle Software started to include green screen in their tools too - but I haven't used them in years.

This should be scriptable with ImageMagick.
Any idea what color definition the green screen is?

It should be #00FF00, but it really depends on how good your lighting is. That is why most video editors that do that lets you pick the colour from the video itself. They also have a similarity setting in case of minor inconsistencies in the lighting. I have no idea if this applies to images, but it should be similar.

Note: You can also use blue (#0000FF).

How about Comedy Webcam?


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