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Hi all,

Here's an alpha of a plugin I'm tried to put together. It lists the system tray apps you have running, and allows you to simulate mouse clicking them. Extract the zip to your plugins directory. You can activate it by typing "tray". Once an item is launched, it will bring up a menu asking which mouse button you wish to simulate. Under Vista, the menu hotkeys do not appear to be highlighted. You can press l for left click, r for right click, d for double click for a shortcut. The menu will appear where the mouse cursor is. I can make my menu appear wherever I like (I had it at the top of FARR at one stage), but the systray menu can only appear where the mouse is due to the way it works. I could however move the mouse to somewhere like the top of FARR, but some people might not like this, so I've opted to make my menu appear where the mouse is, as does the systray menu.

This is incomplete. There will surely be issues and bugs. Some that are known:

Under XP:
-Icons do not have transparency (they are in BMP format since Visual Studio has no ICO encoder, if anyone can help pls do).
-Network icons don't get their text sometimes. Eg LAN or Wireless. Retrying once or several more times will get it ok. So if you see something with no text, it will probably be a network icon. You can still access the functions are normal however.

Under Vista:
-Icons have transparency! Same format as above, so Vista must render something differently. And proper ICO format would still be best however.
-System icons such as volume, network, battery indicator are found in a different area of the tray. I'm not sure how to get these apps yet, if possible.

Under Se7en:
-Since the tray has changed a bit, those icons that are "hidden" in the up arrow section are not displayed by this plugin. However unlike Vista, the battery, volume, network indicators are correctly found (MS must have recombined the "split" tray sections Vista used).
-The mouse simulation doesn't work for all icons. Eg, left click on volume doesn't work, but does on battery.

Under all:
-Dunno how to get the clock, if possible.
-FARR tray app itself has issues with the icon for some reason. First time the plugin will get it ok, then other times fail. With my test app sometimes it will always fail, other times it will always get it; I haven't been able to reproduce the get once then not again issue. However, I'm sure it's to do with why I can sometimes never get it (exception is thrown). Currently I ignore the FARR icon to avoid this issue.
-You can't append search terms. Eg, you can't type "tray win" to find only tray apps with "win" in their name. This will come later, the SDK needs to be updated first I think.
-Some tray names will be funny, or possibly missing. I can't do anything about this, I can only relay the tooltip text of the tray app (no tooltip = no name).

Note: If you hear a "beep" once you type "tray", it indicates an error has occurred. I'm not sure why this sometimes happens. If it does, try the "no icon" build attached, and let me know if the "beep" goes away with that version.

Tested on XP Pro 32bit, Vista Home Premium 32bit with UAC off/on, Se7en Pro 32bit with UAC off. With UAC on it will not currently work if you load FARR normally. You need to run FARR "as administrator" for it to work.

This plugin has been tested on FARR 2.80.02 under Se7en only, but should work under other OSs ok. 64 bit OSs probably won't work, I couldn't figure out why.

Important credits:
// Hacked together by Joshua Wood, Jan 2009, from the following parts:
// Big thanks to vitalyb for his FARR C# SDK:
// System Tray enumeration code (slightly modified) from Karl Wagner:
// Big thanks to skajfes and mouser on forums for their help
// Additional extras\coding by Joshua Wood

very cool idea and great progress...
It's not quite working right here.. as i type "tray" i get 2 items shown in the results, and no more.  which two seem to be random (actually the first one is FARR but the other is random).
I dont see any icons for the items.
The clicking simulations dont seem to work.
Note that i am on winxp64 which could be causing some of the issues, but the fact that it is definitely finding them and listing 2 randomly suggests to me that that isnt it.

Does FARR "beep" once you finish typing "tray"? I have found that the beep does indicate some error in the plugin occuring. You get the menu listing left/right/double click once you execute a result right? But just nothing happens after that?

Yes! i hear the beep!

Hi Joshuawood,
On my laptop (XP) everything works fine, but on my desktop it doesn't seem to be loaded as a plugin. If I do goreload the farrtray is not loaded.


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