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Free Hosting that allows Javascript?

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I haven't even heard of a host that 'doesn't' allow javascript.  Free or not.  You would generally be more concerned of whether or not the user visiting your website has javascript enabled in their web browser since javascript runs on the client machine (the person viewing the website) and not on the server (where the web site is being hosted from)

I used to use tripod back in the day.
Little things like msn pages, myspace, etc.. I wouldn't consider those to be web hosts. 

Every 'host' would allow JavaScript.  JS is a clientside happening.  That means the browser processes it (just like HTML pages and CSS stylesheets).

Things such as msn pages, google pages, myspace .. they aren't hosts, they're for people who don't know much better.

If you want to keep it free, I'd recommend trying .


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