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For most browsers, you can also use middle-mouse-button (scrollwheel, whatever) clicking to open a new tab, so you don't need to use a keyboard modifier.
-f0dder (January 18, 2009, 06:50 PM)
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I use this feature (middle-mouse-button) frequently with my Opera. So no big news there..:)

I have a non-technical, but more strategic point (which I made elsewhere): I would like to see more emphasis on discussion of the donation/freeware/micopayments system. Don't get me wrong, I really like the system and I have made compliments in the article about it.

The points that were made in this topic concern small features to accomodate existing users. The community would benefit if it would attract more new users. I realise not everybody is interested in strategy discussions, but the donation system and strategy is what sets you apart from other forums and other communities.

I feel that the community is largly built on long time members and it is my belief that an ongoing discussion would benefit the community and attract and keep new people.

Also I have posted on more feedback in my postings in the article topic. Maybe a good test for you is to try and find them ;-)

I'd like the option to ignore a thread so that it doesn't show up in my Unread Posts list. Ignoring entire boards is useful sometimes (although it can be hard to find) but if there's a single thread in the Living Room that I don't care to follow anymore, I'd really like the option to ignore it.
-Deozaan (January 16, 2009, 01:41 PM)
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Here is an Enhancement request.  ;)

As Most of us have apps and have some "apps section" in forums. So if the link to that section is created on Profile as "Apps"(It can be placed above the Member Map or near other links). That will be better. We can even add single link to "apps section" icon near Avatar. That will avoid adding more and more icons to avatar. We'll only reserve icons for contests/event etc.

another small forum quirk concerning the big, "standard" reply buttons: let the first item in the "code highlighting" dropdown be "-- insert code --" and let it work just like the "insert code" button in the quick reply box, i.e. enclose the selected text in [ code ] tags but without any language highlighting. Alternatively, add a separate "insert code" button for the standard reply interface.


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