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COMPLIMENT: Liquid Story Binder XE - Black Obelisk Software

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The tech support / bug fix response time is more than just excellent - it is actually better than anything I ever imagined from any company.-raybeere (January 15, 2009, 12:25 PM)
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- Yes, the support and the update speed is fantastic. But for a slow learner like me LSB is actually updated TOO OFTEN!!! I can simply not cope with such speed. Well before I have learned how to use it, it is updated with even more features. I'll have to credit the author that he has become much more aware over time that a good help section is important, but still I would like him to hire a pedagogue to redo the GUI - LSB can do a lot of things, but I am having serious troubles understanding how!

The latest update gives you this welcome screen:

Liquid Story Binder XE by Black Obelisk Software
Welcome to Liquid Story Binder XE
Software for writers, authors, poets, and novelists

Liquid Story Binder XE gives you the tools and freedom to write.

Please try our example workspaces to view Liquid Story Binder XE in action.  From the main menu, choose ‘Workspaces’.

To learn how to create your own Liquid Story Binder XE book, see our help documentation.  Choose ‘Help...’ from the main ‘About’ menu.

Any folder on your computer that contains your work.  Create a book that covers an entire series of novels, or a book just for magazine articles.

Multiple Chapters combined into a single document.

A flexible table of contents that combines notes and chapter titles.

Listings organize files in a collapsible tree.

A simple list of files.  Like-named files access the same association.

A rich text editor where you write your novel.

Quick reference notes.

A collapsible tree of ideas.  A wonderful place to brainstorm.

A list of titles and captions with checkmarks.

Multiple rich text documents sorted into a single file with titles, descriptions and color indexing.

Plot multiple characters across the length of your story using colored timelines and cards.
Text and Images combined

Create a writing journal, or even fictional journals for each one of your characters.

A list of horizontal columns with titles and descriptions.

People, places and things.  Adjectives with descriptions and a portrait.

Reference pictures, the photos that inspire writing, images that create a comfortable writing workspace.

The music that inspires writing.  MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV file types.

Grouped Images viewed by a series thumbnails.  Position thumbnails to highlight importance or effect.

Grouped Songs for quick and easy listening.

Sound recording using a microphone.  Create audio notes, or, for flow and tempo, listen to yourself reading.

Any external program or file useful to your work.  Quickly access your favorite software.

A way to save window positions and files.

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By the way;
the newest feature is a typewriter with no backspace or delete, etcetera.

I have to chime in here with praise for the developers of LSB. I downloaded and installed LSB XE back in July 2008 using the free license at Give Away of the Day. However after starting it up for the first time I realized that this was not a tool I needed, at least at that time. Main reasons were the interface, which as Curt posted above is not at all easy to look at, let alone pick it up intuitively. Secondly, it was immediately apparent that LSB XE was designed for writing novels or other very long and involved pieces. It has tools for creating and developing all aspects of each character, plot development, determining and describing locations, etc. Since I wasn't writing anything of that complexity LSB would not be a help to me then. So I just closed it and pretty much forgot all about it.

Then earlier this week I decided to start a writing project that could very well be done with the help of LSB, so I fired it up. First thing I noticed after checking the web site is that I had version 2.91 installed and the latest version released is 4.03! Way behind, but since this was a GAOTD freebie there are no upgrades/updates or support. Yet I noticed while browsing their forum that a few users had asked about the upgrade path for GAOTD license holders and lo and behold he said that he gave away full, lifetime licenses at GAOTD! Had to be too good to be true.

So I downloaded the latest version and installed it over my version. Uh-oh... registration key was not automatically transferred to this version and entering it manually resulted in "Registration Failed" dialogs. So I wrote to their support address and asked about the forum posts. In a little over 12 hours I received a reply that they had changed their registration keys and he  - - - gave me a new one. Lifetime. For a GAOTD free download!?!

That, folks, is simply amazing. Customer service above and beyond. I don't think I have ever been as surprised over a software developer's actions!

Black Obelisk Software is definitely at the top of my list of user-friendly, caring, more than fair developers. Of all time!



- yes, that has been my experience, too. Only, I paid the Bits du Jour price. And tomorrow, Tuesday, LSB will be on Bits du Jour and Iconico Daily Deals again!

Deal Price: $22.98
List Price: $45.95
You Save: 50%
Tuesday 30 June, 2009

@Curt: thanks for the heads-up.
I tried it, and it crashes when I start typing. (windows server 2008 64bit  may be the problem). Anyone having this problem?

If you have any problem, report it on the LSB forum. Usually answered and tackled pretty quickly.


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