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COMPLIMENT: Liquid Story Binder XE - Black Obelisk Software

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I just wanted to point out, for anyone who is interested in writing, the best software on the market. LSB (Liquid Story Binder XE) is flexible enough to be useful no matter what process you use for writing, powerful, includes most if not all the tools you'll need as a writer, and works well. On the rare occasions when something doesn't work, the owner / developer sorts it out quickly as soon as a user reports it. The tech support / bug fix response time is more than just excellent - it is actually better than anything I ever imagined from any company.

Yes, my post probably sounds like an ad. I just don't know how to do LSB justice any other way. There are other software companies I'm happy with, and many more I'm at least not actively hostile towards. But of them all, LSB stands out as the most amazing company ever. If I'd had any idea how great the service was, I'd have expected to pay at least ten times what I did. I have pretty high standards: I was a WordPerfect user back when WP was its own company, and offered unlimited technical support. If any of you remember that, I doubt you've ever had an experience as good since WP was bought out and the policies changed. Well, LSB has support better than that standard, something I never even imagined was possible until I experienced it. (Yes, it's based on a Yahoo Group, which is no doubt cheaper, but all I care about - all any user really needs to care about - are the results. Which are fantastic.)

Sure, if you're only writing something short, there are simpler tools that may be enough for you, but if you want to tackle a novel, and you're using anything else, you're doing yourself a disservice.

I too use Liquid Story Binder XE (in conjunction with another writing application) and, like you, I am amazed at the support offered by the company - and their constant upgrades and improvements. Too bad Black Obelisk didn't buy WordPerfect. After version 6.1 (the love of my life) it's been all downhill for them and the support is nil.

Hi, everyone. Why not try the 3rd choice? I strongly recommend our product Typing Assistant. You will not be disappointed about it.

Why post about your product in a compliment to another developer instead of making your own thread in Announce Your Software/Product.  Bad form, IMO.

Hi, everyone. Why not try the 3rd choice? I strongly recommend our product Typing Assistant. You will not be disappointed about it.
-maohbao (April 08, 2009, 11:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

And how on earth is Typing Assistant an alternative to LSB (which I agree is an excellent and well supported product)?


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