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Process Tamer - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v2.11.01 - Apr 23, 2009

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Dear friends

I'm really impressed by your programms and your website! :)
I never just say that to everyone :)

My problem on Windows 7 is, that it doesn't automatically boosts 64bit programms. Only on 32bit programs it shows a balloon message.. :/

And: How about a translation to german? I'll help you as much as I can as a student from Switzerland  :)

(Another topic: The smiley "; )" shows here as ;) .. A bug?)

i enjoy having my processor tamed (Intel T900 core2duo) However... it's just not cutting it completely. it is doing it's job, yes. However i think there should be a RAM tamer as well. Some people (like me) are limited to older equipment or equipment that is limited (3 Gigs ram max). However, For what I do on the computer... my ram gets used up with give or take 10mb freespace.
This process tamer has helped save my processor, but its still a losing battle when it comes to the lack of ram.

Any thoughts on building something like that or know where there already is one?

I'm definitely considering adding some memory watching and "taming" options for the next version.

Thank you for this excellent piece of software!

Good evening everybody! :)

Any news about a new version?
A beta version maybe? ::)


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