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Process Tamer - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v2.11.01 - Apr 23, 2009

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v2.11.01 - 4/23/09

* Live update of cpu usage is disabled while changing rules -- avoids problem where grid updating disrupts the modification of rules.
v2.10.01 - 3/27/09 beta

* Added support for the ConfigDir.ini file (allows setting custom directories for config files; better Vista and portable use).
* Updated manifests to insist on administrative rights (needed for Vista and later).
* Fixed issues in vista and with large fonts.
* Packaged more recent dcuhelper.exe update helper.
* Changed start-with-windows process to use registry instead of startup group.
* The programmers who designed Vista should be shot -- they have made it virtually impossible for me to make Process Tamer start with windows.  Vista insists on blocking it at startup.
* Fixed some hints and tab order in the Configuration dialog.
* Increased size of Min. Change Interval option.
v2.09.01 - 8/18/07

* Added support for update checking
* Compiled with manifest to force ProcessTamerTray to run with elevated administrator mode on Microsoft VISTA, which is needed in order to reduce process priorities.
v2.08.01 - 10/08/06

* Process view now remembers sorting order.
* Stopped pointless announcing about increasing it's own priority.


v2.07.02 - 10/02/06

* Added advanced killing for processes that resisted termination in the past.   

v2.06.01 - 9/18/06

* Code added to enable Process Tamer to control priorities of stubborn services (for example winlogon.exe, etc). 
* Added tips+troubleshooting help page.   

v2.05.02 - 05/11/06

* [documentation] help file now fully up to date with current pictures and help and tips
* [new feature] you can now independently turn on/off balloon tray message for taming by cpu use, untaming by cpu usage, and priority adjustment by explicit rules
* [new feature] foreground process boosting option.
* [new feature] foreground process protection option.
* [new feature] option to run PT always at high priority (prevents other apps from being evil)
* [minor improvement] option to hide < 1% processes now doesn't hide non-normal priorities
* [cosmetic bugfix] configuration form checkbox was displaying where it should not.
v2.03.01 - 12/22/05

* [new feature] you can now toggle on/off the taming of processes by cpu use (i.e. only use explicit rules if you prefer)
v2.02.01 - 11/25/05 - Maintenance Release

* [bugfix] rare bug was causing sequence of error message in the GUI configurator tool if left running for long periods.
* [bugfix] apps sending timer broadcasts could confused process tamer and cause it to start taming apps prematurely.
* [new feature] option to automatically remove processes with <1% usage from task monitor after a small delay.
* this is a minor release but fixes some bugs that i thought should be addressed.

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minor update to add a good feature that was requested recently.
major update is still planned soon.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks that's great

Thanks mouser,

keep up the good work!

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