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WinFill - better than Aero Snap?

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just thought. i made a request to see if jgpaiva could make 'gridmove' work by 'throwing' windows to resize them.

perhaps this could be done with 'winfill'?

the idea was get the same result when dragging to the edge of the screen - but instead you 'throw' the window (using the titlebar) in a particular direction that would determine the size and position of the window.

e.g. throw window to the left - the window resizes to fill the left half of the screen.

the problem being, does autohotkey understand 'throws'?

a throw would be a 'click and hold on title bar, quick drag, release mouse, continue drag direction a little'.

forgot to say, jgpaiva may try to get the 'throw' idea to work with 'gridmove' but i think it depends on how busy he is.

i like 'winfill'. nice and quick but it really needs the 'auto resize' to original window size for it to be as useful as 'aerosnap'.

any chance of implementing that Skrommel?

not sure why it is not working. I tried it under xp64 as well. I have windows 7 here so i know the behaviour :)

I've been thinking about asking if something like this could be done. I was searching google for ideas and wouldn't you know it, the solution is on a website I check nearly every day... LOL

I haven't actually tried it (I'm a lil' reluctant to install autohotkey for some idiotic reason) but I'll be sure to soon.

Does not work here :(


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