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Browser Tray Switch

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I have installed BTS but can't get it to work properly. It shows the browsers that I am using, and changes the icon in the tray, but it doesn't change the default browser. I also get an error message; The expected backup .reg files were not found, please restart program. I am using Win XP pro Sp2

it will refuse to change browser if it doesn't find the backups were created properly.

you could try running the BackupCurrentBrowserSettings.bat batch file yourself in the BrowserBackup directory and see if you get any errors; perhaps you don't have permissions to access registry, or maybe there is something with sp2 that's causing that backup script to fail to export the registry keys?  i'll try to test it on an sp2 machine if you can't make progres. let me know.

Carol Haynes:
I use it on XP SP2 and iut works fine, in a limited way.

However, I don't use it anymore as it isn't really very well behaved with the latest version of Firefox, and doesn't seem to work properly with Maxthon.

Firefox obviously uses some settings that aren't dealt with in BTS

Maxthon seems to have its own way of distinguishing whether it is the default browser or IE is (which it is based on). I found BTS got confused when using Maxthon.

the browsers frequently still pop up and say "xxx is not set as default browser" even with bts sets them so -
but that doesn't mean that bts hasn't done its job; you just have to disable this warning message in your browser.

if its otherwise not doing its job let me know.

Carol Haynes:
Actually I found that the particular combination of browsers I mentioned above just didn't work with BTS. I can't remember the details because I haven't used it for a while, but IIRC when Maxthon was set as default browser BTS tried to change to others but failed (ie. Maxthon remained default).

Certainly swapping IE <> Maxthon didn't seem to work - but I think that was to do with the fact that Maxthon handles the default settings separately for both browsers in its own Options Menu.

IIRC Maxthon <> Firefox changes didn't work properly either.


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