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VS2008 Skeleton


OK for some one who knows the tricks I will probably be told this is basic stuff, but I am still stuck in the PPT era and coding windows has never been my thing  :P

What I desperately need is the code necessary to display two windows (forms, whatever) as the program is running, the first is a general "Loading profiles...." style of thing the second is a scrolling log. I would like to be able to send a html formatted string to the first to cause the information to display, it stays there until replaced with another call something like;

--- Code: PHP ---display_status( "We are now loading your preferences... <b>please wait</b>" );For the second a similar call but it adds the next line to the scrolling log. The ability to clear the log and start again would be nice.

Now the kicker .. I was using Roadsend PHP compiler, now using phalanger which compiles with VS2008 so I would also need a sample project for Phalager and preferable also C++ so that I can tinker with the code.

Yes simple, yes crazy, I have about 8 books on programming windows and none of them have simple examples everything either gets stuck on dialogue boxes or goes straight into really complex stuff.

Thanks in advance!!!


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