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FARR displaying html code in results


Mouser, is it possible to display html code in result window? I am trying to make a copy of KlipKeeper plugin that will display html and remove white spaces from the clips when displaying them. But html code doesn't show. For example i copy "<head>", and all that is displayed is blank space. If I replace < with &lt; then "&lt;head>" is displayed.

i need to fix that bug with it evaluating html in result list instead of showing <head> etc.

or are you asking me to add something different?

Well as I figured it out, I can do some formating in the output using
--- ---<b> </b> and <i> </i> html codes and that's just fine, I want to be able to do that. I don't know how FARR exactly parses html codes in the result list, but from what I've seen it strips all tags and evaluates some like bold or italic, so I don't know what changes are necessary.

I want to be able to format the string with bold and italic and in some cases I want to be able to display the html tags instead of bold-ed text. I assume the easiest way is to add some tags FARR is able to parse, like 
--- ---<pre> </pre> that could signal farr not to parse string inside the tags or something like that.

What do you think?


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