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DONE: Transparent TaskBar When No Window is Maximized.

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my Request:

Is there a Way to make only the Taskbar Background transparent,
but not the opended Programm- or Windows Buttons and Icons in Systray ?   :-\

cheers 8)

I found a Tool - and a "laborious" way - the taskbar-image-color in the theme.msstyles must
be adapted to one Color eg. Magenta - but the shadows of the High-Color Icons keep staying
(and no fade effect) hmhm...

Modifcation: (201 KB)

TaskBarTransparent Version 2.1 (7 Nov 2004) Andreas Grögel

TaskBarTransparent sets alpha blending (transparency) and/or colorkey for the taskbar and
optionally transparency for the Start menu for Windows 2000/XP.

Especially useful if you create your own visual style for Windows XP and want a "cut-out" taskbar
(which the (current) XP style engine does not support). I have not yet come across another program
that can do that...

TaskBarTransparent.exe does not stay resident (thus not occupying any resources) - it just sets the
window styles for the taskbar and Start menu and then exits. And no files or data are stored elsewhere.

Download (27KB), includes readme and executable file.
--- End quote ---

K-TaskMod by methodik @
TransBar @

Thanks for sharing @thehop :up:
(and thanks for additional links Phil)

Update: ViGlance is my new Bottom Taskbar :) (Windows XP & WHS)



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