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DONE: Transparent TaskBar When No Window is Maximized.

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I've used programs before to make my TaskBar transparent.  It looks great when viewing the desktop but is inonsistent with a maximized window.

How about making the TaskBar transparent only when a window is not maximized.

Thanx 4 looking.

 :) How about something like this?

NoTransMax - Maxes the taskbar transparent when no windows are maximized.

- Uses the existing transparency if any.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


Slight bug skrommel...

If you right click > Exit, it removes the taskbar, and Explorer.exe needs to be restarted to restore it :/


 :-[ Slight you say?

I've just uploaded NoTransMax v1.1. Is it working OK?


Hi Skrommel.

Thanx 4 this.

The first time I ran NoTransMax my Taskbar was dissapearing instead of being made transparent.  It seems 2 B running fine now.

Is it possible 2 make the taskbar transparent when using the Show Desktop button in the Quick Launch bar?

On your page the version is still listed as 1.0.

Is there any advantage in running the exe or the ahk version of your utilities?  Does 1 use less resources than the other?


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