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FARR plugin: PuTTY (preliminary discussion)

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Thanks for the feedback :)

Hmm, I will consider it -- at this point though, I have a version that works w/ more than just the original, so I'd be going back to remove/disable some portions before releasing.  I don't mind doing that in theory, it will just require some work if I decide to proceed with that course ;)

OK. I'm looking forward to testing your plug in.  :)

KiTTY seems to have some quite useful features, I think I will use it instead of PuTTY.  ;)
So, thanks for the info!

Hmm, if KiTTY is what you are going to use is there a point in me changing my plugin to handle the original PuTTY only?

Of course not. The more versions you can cover, the better. It was just an idea not to include the ones that are causing you troubles...

My current difficulty is not that I haven't come up with code to handle the various cases -- it is more about how can I sanely bring the pieces together ;)

One issue is, how would a potential user end up using this plugin?  What'd be great is if no configuration is required -- this doesn't seem likely to me though because of the installation location of executables varying, not to mention where session information lives.  So if configuration is required, how should this be handled, I wonder.  Also, what if multiple applications (e.g. KiTTY and PuTTY) are installed?  Should the plugin be able to handle both at the same time -- if so, how?

Perhaps I am starting to give a bit of the flavor for my current difficulties w.r.t. this plugin :)

Happy to discuss these issues -- hoping that that sort of exploration may lead to some kind of sensible set of ideas.


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