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FARR plugin: PuTTY (preliminary discussion)

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It's really unfortunate that the PuTTY authors aren't very keen on accepting other people's feature-adding patches, which is why we have all those different versions - *sigh*. I'm currently using puttytray, mainly because of it's URL-linkifier.

What's the point of the FARR plugin? Portable sessions?

I think the main incentive for a FARR plugin is access to sessions.

See for example, starting from:

Hi all!

I would actually favour another approach for putty. My farr coding skills are below zero, but maybe someone would like to volunteer.

Let's suggest we have a flatfile named "putty_sessions.txt" with some content similar to this:

My Lil Server;-load green -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk
Another one, production!;-load red -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk

In the farr plugin config, there's something like this:

Command=C:\Program Files\PuTTy\putty.exe

Now, the farr plugin of my dreams would parse the file and kind of compile an alias file out of it (on the fly of course):

^ssh (.*)$
My Lil Server | C:\Program Files\PuTTy\putty.exe -load green -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk
Another one | C:\Program Files\PuTTy\putty.exe -load red -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk

This would actually be very easy to handle: Instead of adding 100s of putty sessions into the registry, just put them in the textfile in this format. The "-load red" loads the color scheme in my cases. I already have putty aliases similar to this, but they are quite hard to maintan.

What do you think? Is this feasible?



PS: To be honest, I'd already have other purposes than putty. E.g. Ora SQL logins etc.


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