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Request - Ubiquity Plugin for FARR?


I searched for Ubiquity, but didn't see this asked anywhere else - hope this isn't a duplicate...

I was reading a post on today regarding Firefox's TabHunter extension and someone mentioned that Ubiquity would eventually provide the same functionality.  This got me to thinking, it looks like there are a lot of similar cool things that Ubiquity will eventually be able to do, but I don't want a separate launcher just for my browser - I love FARR farr too much!

Does anybody have any idea whether it will be possible to create a Ubiquity plugin, so you could use Ubiquity entirely from within FARR?

I would like that too. The Ubiquity interface is somehow different from the FARR one. I'm not sure we could directly connect to ubiquity. However The connection to firefox could be done throught mozrepl (a firefox extension ) with a socket. Then gBrowser.getBrowserAtIndex(x).contentTitle can get you the title of the 'x' tab.

Tab switching is probably not very complicated plugin to write.


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