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Chance of Displaying Advert - Does This Help DC?

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I noticed a setting in my profile which read "Chance of Displaying Advert" and can be set to any percentage between zero and one hundred percent. I understand what the setting does easily enough - and I took it for granted at first the reason it was there was because DC can benefit by showing the ads. Fair enough, I don't mind helping out DC, and I pushed it up - I even thought about setting it to one hundred percent. Then I got to wondering, having once known someone who actually wanted to see ads, if it was just there to satisfy those with such tastes. Does anyone know? I'm going to bump it up all the way until I find out, but I would be interested in knowing.

I don't think you will see any ads, I have had this at 100 all the time and never noticed any form of ad.

I think our light shines brighter without ads anyway (if you would forgive the metaphor  ;) )

We have experimented with Ads on the website.. we may do so again in the future, who knows.. It was an interesting experiment.  I tend to prefer it without Ads myself.

I prefer it without ads - if I don't see any I won't complain. But if the ad income will help DC, I can live with ads. So, what the heck, I set it to 100% - and if I never see an ad, that's fine with me. If I do, well, at least this time it would be doing some good, and I consented to it. Unlike popups. >:( Those really steamed me, until I got a popup blocker.

Oh I hear ya! Those popups make me furious! And then they make you click so they go away only to open a new window or tab with that same click!


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