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Sound Recorder freeware - anyone?

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Also, J River Media Center (god I hate that name) and it's free counterpart, Media Jukebox, (much better name) has really grown on me lately, and since it burns CDs I have a feeling that if I were to ever burn a music CD (as audio or as files) I'd probably just use Media Center. Media Center (not Jukebox) has a "portable install" option, but it hasn't worked for me after multiple tries  :down:.

I think Media Jukebox is the perfect "give to mom" program for audio, in fact I just gave it to my mom over thanksgiving weekend...
-Hirudin (December 04, 2008, 03:01 AM)
--- End quote ---

I used Media Jukebox to make a audio CD compilation lately (dying art that !)
That it was the first time I ever used/worked with mp3's (I mean I've done absolutely nothing to do with music on pc) , I can say it was *easy* to use

re portability see quote

Carol Haynes:
Thanks Tomos - for a media centre approach it is probably just as easy to use Windows Media Player isn't it?

Burrrn (to run it portable, install then copy all files but uninstall.exe to any new folder. Uninstall the program)

Your fav' audio CD burner?

Carol Haynes:
Burrrn looks nice and simple but does need installing.

I am looking at InfraRecord Portable - which looks useful.

I was tempted by ImgBurn in potable mode but it is a bit on the geeky side ... though it does give some control on gaps between tracks and CD Text etc.!

I'm a fan of Totally Free Burner. It's simple and works extremely well. It can also burn ISOs.

Here's how to make it portable:

It's a tiny bit of a hassle, but once you've done the extraction step, the resulting application folder can just be copied and redistributed. It's only 2.5 mbytes.



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