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Mark Forster seeking beta testers for Autofocus

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longrun the first link you gave doesn't seem to work?
-Carol Haynes (January 04, 2009, 03:00 PM)
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Sorry, Carol. Got the link from DC forum and should have checked. The podcast can be downloaded from DC Mark Forster podcast


Here's the direct link:

Looks like we changed the link structure to a more verbose one and that old link didn't work after that.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks both of you. Interesting listen. I seem to remember listening a while ago but I had forgotten ;)

well, I got the email

it's a very simple idea but very interesting and I'm working well with it so far -
I have had to modify it a bit to my needs

He has asked that people dont pass on instructions till it's out of beta phase
guess that means it cant be really discussed here
he has a basic forum (spoiled here, arent we)

Autofocus Time Management System
January 5th, 2009
Thank you very much for joining the trial of my new Autofocus system. It has been built
on years of experience in the time management field, and has worked better for me than
any other time management system I have ever tried, including previous ones I have
developed myself. Now is the time to find out if it works for other people as well, and
this is where your contribution will be invaluable.

I intend to make the final version of the system free of charge and available to
everyone without registration. However until the final version is produced I would be
grateful if you would not directly pass on the instructions to anyone. If you wish
to recommend the system to other people then please encourage them to register on
my website, using the Newsletter Sign-Up Box for Beta Testing as before. -
to joinup just signup for his newsletter - even if you're signed up already - IIRC you get an option to change your profile, select that & you get an email with option to join

he has a basic forum (spoiled here, arent we)
-tomos (January 09, 2009, 12:22 PM)
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his forum already has over 100 threads started since beginning of this week when this was introduced 0_o


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