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Mark Forster seeking beta testers for Autofocus

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To all terminally disorganized DCers:

Mark Forster (Do It Tomorrow/Get Everything Done; see DC's Forster interview: is seeking beta testers for his new Autofocus system. I know little about it except that "One of the things I hope to get out of my new time management system is “autofocus”, that is to say the system itself will automatically focus on what is important and relevant to my life (and how I want it to be) without my having to spend time consciously sifting or selecting." His latest email indicates that it's a paper-based system, which means it's of less interest to me, but perhaps it will suit you and surely it can be modified for PC.

I'm skeptical about all these systems (except for their ability to make money) but will give it a look. The instructions will be revealed tomorrow, Jan. 5th. From Forster:

Please encourage your friends, family, colleagues, clients and anyone else you can think of to join this testing. I need a wide variety of people. It doesn't matter whether they think they are good at time management or hopeless at it. Nor does it matter if they think they won't have time to do it! I am just as interested in why some people don't succeed with it as I am in why others do succeed.

They can subscribe by going to my website and entering their email addresses in the Newsletter Sign-up box in the right-hand margin.

i'll give it a go (maybe). i reread "do it tomorrow..." a couple of weeks back so i'm curious as to what's new.

(i've signed up via e-mail.)

Carol Haynes:
longrun the first link you gave doesn't seem to work?

Hate the site, but I eventually found out enough about it to be intrigued.  I have NEVER went in on the whole Time Management thing - it never made sense to me.  I don't know the details about the Autofocus system, but his points to the issues with existing systems resonated with me so strongly that I have to learn more about it.  Thanks for the heads up.

to ease us back into getting organised for the new year ;D
(dont know anything about it, but have signed up - apparently the "instructions" should be sent out today - it's still possible to sign up btw)


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