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Google Experimental


Google Experimental

Whoa, I happen to notice this link on the bottom of my Google search results today...

Google Experimental

Looks like Google is trying to make themselves better again. There's a few "experimental" modes you can try...
Search Wiki with sound
Do you like SearchWiki? Do you enjoy having the power to remove results from your search results pages? Now you can do so in style by having a sound effect play along with the animation whenever you remove a result.
--- End quote ---
Alternate views for search results
See results on a timeline, map, or in context of other information types. With these views, Google's technology extracts key dates, locations, measurements, and more from select search results so you can view the information in a different dimension.
--- End quote ---
Keyboard shortcuts
Navigate search results quickly and easily, minimizing use of your mouse. Current keyboard shortcuts include:


Selects the next result.

Selects the previous result.

Opens the selected result.

Opens the selected result.

Puts the cursor in the search box.

Removes the cursor from the search box.
--- End quote ---
Accessible View
Navigate search results quickly and easily, with just your keyboard. As you navigate, items are magnified for easier viewing. If you use a screen reader or talking browser, the relevant information is spoken automatically as you navigate.

Current keyboard shortcuts include:


j or DOWN
Selects the next item.

k or UP
Selects the previous item.

l or RIGHT
Moves to the next category (results, sponsored links, refinements).

h or LEFT
Moves to the previous category (results, sponsored links, refinements).

Opens the selected result.

Puts the cursor in the search box.

Moves to the next result, and fetches more results if necessary.

Moves to the previous result, reloading earlier results if necessary.

Magnifies current item

Shrinks current item

Switches to Accessible Search Results

Switches to regular Web Search Results

For now, you need to use the Firefox 3 web browser with this experiment. This note will be updated as other browsers are added. Magnification already works with Google Chrome and Apple's Safari.
--- End quote ---

I pretty much stopped looking after checking out the Timeline mode of the Alternative view for search results mode (which is in the screenshot above). I've been wanting something like this for a while!

Whoa, Hirudin, I had no clue! I lost a half hour playing around with the yearly filtered review alone. However, I had to redefine my keyboard shortcuts within Opera to take advantage of Google's.

Thanks for sharing.


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