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Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

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glad to hear it -- thanks for the reports and testing.

ps. i've uploaded a new version that let's you configure the delay used when trying to do window captures, since i don't know how big the delay has to be to be reliable -- it would be nice to hear if people find that they can reliably capture windows with transparency with a very low value < 100.  for this i highly recommend changing the hotkey to not use alt+prtscr to capture active window.

just realized i should be able to automatically handle the delay by checking the screenshot, so that should do away with that option and make it a little more reliable.

New beta version uploaded -- should be faster and more reliable at capturing.

Working beautifully now thanks Mouser.

One comment though, the settings you've added are not immediately obvious to someone unfamiliar with the terminology. To me it would be sensible to have options like "Include Windows dropshadow" rather than "auto-remove area outside border with alpha less than (default 200). Nothing in that points the lay person (ie, me) as to why the shadows weren't being captured. No doubt there are plenty of people who understand exactly what you're talking about so perhaps I'm in the minority here. Anyway, food for thought.

glad to hear it's working -- i should disable that option by default i think, it's confusing.  and you are right about the wording, i will improve it.


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