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Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

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Any thoughts ?

i'm going to take another look at it.. i'd love to hear if other vista users are experiencing same thing.

Using Windows 7, and experiencing the same issue. I heard somewhere that the PrintWindow function can't capture Aero, so that may be the problem?

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and experiencing the same issue and more.

When I do a screen capture (Prnt Scrn) the SCC window will pop up with a rectangle selection that is smaller than the active window, which then disappears before I can do anything with it. But other than that, everything looks fine.

Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

And when I do an active window capture (Alt-Prnt Scrn) it will properly grab just the active window, but the corners outside the active window are not made transparent like they are when doing the same thing in XP.

When capturing the active window of games I make in TGB, the contents are blank/black:

Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

Don't forget to look at the non-transparent colors above.

And when capturing Google Chrome it does really weird stuff.

Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

EDIT: Is it just me or are those screenshots not displaying?

More weird stuff:

When trying to capture an image of the SCC window, the image is just a white screen (but my mouse cursor is captured properly).

When making a full screen capture and then cropping the image and renaming it, the thumbnail image in the sidebar doesn't update. The name updates, but the actual thumbnail itself shows the full desktop capture. Even going into the menu File -> Save Changes Now sometimes doesn't get that thumbnail image to update.

I've uploaded a few of these to the forum in the past, thinking that the thumbnail hadn't refreshed but that the cropped image had indeed been saved, only to be surprised to see my entire desktop in the thread after uploading the image. I've had to hurry and take the image back down (for instance when an image of my online banking I had tried to crop out was in the background) fix the image for good, then reupload to my posts.

I'm sorry to say it mouser, but ScreenShot Captor is practically useless in Win7 with all these problems. :( It would be easier to press Print Screen and paste the image into Paint than to use SCC in its current state. Please fix it!

EDIT: I think I found out a case where it won't save/update the thumbnail: If there is a period in the filename. Like "ScreenShotCaptor 3.12.5.png" It gets hung up on "ScreenShotCaptor 3" and doesn't save.


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