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Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

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The white background works for me since I'm currently using a white page but I would like to get transparency working.  I tried a different color for the 'background color when flattening transparency' but couldn't see any change in the resulting image.


there is no reason it shouldn't be preserving transparency with PNG captures.

can you email me ([email protected]) a sample screenshot or two and maybe you and i can figure out what's happening in your case?  i've gotten a little lost in this thread with what's working and not working, but i would like to get this solved.

I'm visiting again this topic, again with a problem.  :-[

I'm using SC v3.03.01 on Windows7x64sp1.
I'm trying to capture a program's window, together with its pop-up window.
I'm using "Grab windows Object or Scrolling window" option, because "Grab Active window" option only captures the pop-up window.

This is the result (check the corners of the background/main window):

joby, can you confirm for me that it works properly if there is no child pop-up?

Oops, didn't think to check that!

Main window captured using "Grab windows Object or Scrolling window" option:

And using "Grab Active window" option:

I guess it must be a known issue...


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