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Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

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Screencast demonstrating the new Windows 7 / Aero semi-transparent window grabbing in Screenshot Captor:

Many thanks for this awesome tools.
In fact I am new user and I cannot find a way to capture rounded windows using Win7 aero transparency.
just have a look the corners with the setting I choose are not so clean as when capture  and cropping a full screen (below image)
Some help thank you

PS I hope my first img attach will be ok

I found that if I perform a screen capture of the active window with Ctrl + PrtScr, then 'Keep image and show', then save the file as a .PNG, there are little white corners outside the rounded corners.

If I capture the window but select 'Save image as' and save the file as a .PNG.  There are little black corners outside the rounded corners.

Can you shed any light on why these two paths return different results?

It surely has to do with transparency (those corners have some transparency) but what i can't remember is if the Save As function is removing the transparency..

I suspect that is in fact what's happening -- question, in SC options, under "Image File Format" tab, do you have the box checked that says "Flatten background transparency on Save As" ?

I do not have the button checked to flatten transparency.
I found that if I have the capture margin set to default (20) and 'Capture/Keep Image and Show/File/Save Copy As' I get a white background.  Not sure if it's transparent.
With the same settings, if I 'Capture/File/Save Copy As' I get a black capture margin.
Here are the results. I've captured the current settings for you.


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