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Capture rounded corners in Vista/Win7 Aero Glass

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I've been looking all over but can't find a solution. Now I have to swallow my pride and ask. How do I capture windows with rounded corners in Vista? And is it possible to capture with rounded corners and also get the windows shadow without getting anything of the background?

Thank you for your time.

this should work if you do an active window capture.. it was working last time i tested it but because i dont use vista i may have to try it again to make sure i didnt mess it up.

I've tried that along with a bunch of different setting in the preferences, and I've tried saving as png and tif without success.

let me check again -- the code is in the program but it may not be kicking in anymore.

Am I going mad or is this still broken ? I've never been able to capture Vista rounded corners and drop shadow with Screenshot Captor - it's the single reason I still keep WindowClippings around.


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