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Playstation 3 and Media Server Setup?

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I've mentioned Linux because I don't really know how PS3 handle multimedia while browsing the web. Weezo itself needs Windows only (and gives you easy media streaming). That's all.

Or "Linux reply" was not for me? ;)
-fenixproductions (January 03, 2009, 01:43 AM)
--- End quote ---

no, hey thanks! :) yeah just the linux reply was, but weezo is a cool service that is a cool service via the ps3 browser, but i gotta tell you the tversity is VERY simple to setup!! and at this point i'd highly recommend it for ps3 streaming. :)

Thank you for response. It seems one more thing got into my "need to be checked" list.

Eeehh... one life is too short to learn all of these...

no, hey thank you for your input! really :D

cuz i didn't know about that service.

i guess, just thank you for responding, keep on doing it... one of the wisest thing i've ever heard was that there is no stupid question and there is no stupid contribution, cuz if it's your contribution, it's yours... own it! and i learned something from you tonight, so thank you again :)

I use Orb for my local media.  It's easy, just add the folders to share and poof, it's available anywhere you have Internet.  You can share and access anything, the PS3 detects it automatically, and I use it to stream music/videos to my PDA.  You can access your local music, videos, pictures, and more anywhere there is an Internet connection. It's free.

I also use PlayOn to stream Netflix watch instantly movies, Hulu, CBS, Youtube, ESPN and more to the PS3.  It's not free but it is regularly updated and only $30 for a LIFETIME license.  It's dead simple to set up, you can pretty much just install it and then go to your PS3 and it's automatically detected as well.

When PlayOn adds the ability to share local media then Orb will be gone.

nice! i'll check those out as well :)


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