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NANY 2009 Release: WishList Maker

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name WishList Version 1.2 Short DescriptionManage your WishList's with ease!Supported OSesXP/Vista Web Page Download Link Requirements
* Windows PC
* XP/VistaVersion History
* A list of the (ongoing) version historyAuthor:CodeByter -

Manage your WishList's with ease :) Refer to this thread:


Version 1.2 Changes:

    * Fixed the issue loading "Default Profile."
    * Removed Default Profile and added a "Create New" speed button next to load/save buttons.
    * Added the ability for WishList to check and set File Associations for .wlp files

Version 1.1 Changes:

    * Users can now edit entries.
    * Users have the ability to check things off now (which simulates "buying" an item)
    * "Link" column is now changed to "Notes" column and users can now store any notes they would like for this item here.
    * Increased the amount of priority levels from 3 to 5 and changed the way the user can select the priority for the item
    * Users can now save/load wishlists.
    * The Form is resizable but has limits on min/max sizes. WishList also now remembers the last Height/Width.
    * Fixed the "text with gray background" issue reported by "Kamel" on DonationCoder.
    * Users can now search their wishlists for generic text.
    * Added animations to several buttons.
    * Added the ability for users to switch to saved wishlists "On-the-go." This ability can be found in the combo box to the upper right corner of the form.
    * All wishlists created can now be properly managed, even deleted from "WishList."

Planned Features
I think its pretty solid for the most part... Was just a simple, quick app to write for Kamel on the forums.


Copy the executable into a folder of its own. Make a shortcut to it and have at it. If you're running Vista, make sure you run it as an administrator so you can manage your wishlist's through the program.

Using the Application
This application is great for managing WishList's and keeping track of things you would like to buy or have bought.

Delete the executable and the folder it was placed into.

Known Issues
None currently.

Nice and simple app, i like it!

And from gexecuter's review it migrates to LifeHacker:

(congrats to gexecuter as well for being one of those influential blogs that the big blogs watch!)

And from gexecuter's review it migrates to LifeHacker:

(congrats to gexecuter as well for being one of those influential blogs that the big blogs watch!)
-mouser (February 16, 2009, 12:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

I am awesome! you guys should build me a statue or something and sacrifice a goat in honor of my greatness!.. or not.

Seriously Lifehacker has linked to my sites 4 times already which is so awesome considering it's one of my favorites sites, it feels good to be noticed but the true credit should go to Codebyte since he made Wishlist. Hopefully Wishlist will get a bigger exposure thanks to lifehacker.

Thank you very much gexecuter :) I'm very happy for you and your site! It seems that it's taking more and more to even be noticed in society today, lol!


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