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NANY 2009 Release: Fried Babelfish

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name Fried Babelfish Version 1.0.8 (updated 2009-02-09) (No longer works)Short Description tabbed translator Supported OSes Win-all Download Link (325.53 kB - downloaded 25056 times.) This no longer works but I am keeping the download available due to the fact that the source is included and this part may still be of interest to someone. System Requirements
* A Windows based PC with some form of IE installed (not sure if it works with pre-IE5)Version HistoryCurrent version:


+ Added 7 new languages:

* Albanian
* Estonian
* Galician
* Hungarian
* Maltese
* Thai
* Turkish
Previous versions:
* 1.0.7 - This has sort of been an ongoing coding game between the 2 developers, and there have been too many versions to count, with the GUI in various languages from ibasic, VB, and finally Delphi, with the most significant change in this version being a switch from using Babelfish's translation engine to using Google's.
Author Krishean (translation script) and app103 (GUI)

When you are using online translators in your web browser, it's not that convenient to have to keep switching the languages back & forth to translate an ongoing conversation between 2 people. It is also kind of clunky to have a full browser window with toolbars and extensions getting in your way. And most browsers lack a feature to keep the window on top of all others.

Originally, Fried Babelfish was powered by Babelfish and served as mini ad free version if their translator. But with this release, it might still carry a bit of the old Babelfish look, but it has been completely rewritten and is now powered by Google's translator.


* 2 tabs - one for your language and one for a second language
* a button to set the window to stay on top
* Full source is included.
Planned Features
we are not entirely sure


Just unzip and run. It will need access to the internet to fetch translations from Google, so you'll need to give it permission in your firewall.

Using the Application
select your 2 languages on the first tab, type in the text to be translated in the top box, click the translate button. use the 2nd tab for a 2nd language pair. Click the button on the top left to toggle between on top & normal.

Just delete it.

Known Issues
Due to Google discontinuing their translation API, this application will stop working on December 1, 2011. (sorry, out of my control)

Thank you!

looking forward to trying this out :)

this program has a lot of potential.. good work, app & Krishean. :up:

Perry Mowbray:
I finally had time and opportunity to give this programme a work out last night  :Thmbsup:

I agree with lanux!! Just a couple of thoughts:

* I'd appreciate a keyboard shortcut for the Translate button, or because the Enter key is not passed through to the text box, maybe the Enter Key could perform the Translate?. I found it awkward typing short chat messages and having to dive off for the mouse.
* Also appreciate a button and keyboard shortcut to select all translated text and copy to clipboard. Or could after the Translated Text is entered, it also puts it on the Clipboard?
* I'd like a keyboard shortcut to swap the Tabs as well.
The German person I was chatting with said that the German to English translations were much better than the English to German (but I presume that's Google).

Thanks!! Great little Application!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:


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