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NANY 2009 Release: Tree List

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I believe the bug happened when there were enough items for there to be a scroll bar.

I've not encountered the second issue you mentioned. Can you explain in detail how it happened? I'll look out for it.



Paul Keith:
Well, to test out whether it could handle lots of items without encountering the bug, I created only one list. Later on, the uncertainty of not knowing whether an item is being saved made me create a second blank list.

Eventually as soon as I moved to the other list, at first it was blank, but after trying it again later on, I notice the list copied the previous contents of the original list. I knew it copied it because the list only had the contents of the older entries so it didn't move the 3 newer checkboxes of the original list with it. 

I've not been able to reproduced that last bug. :huh:


I think deviantopian could add the possibility to export the list into xml format.
What do you think?


Hope I'm not annoying anyone by digging into NANY's past, but I just noticed that there doesn't seem to be an About feature (that I can find!) So I have collected so many fun utilities I forgot where this came from!


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