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Limited Time Offer: $20 (33%) off MSGTAG ... offer expires on 30th November 2005


Carol Haynes:

This offer is from the FireTrust/Mailwasher/Benign newsletter and looks useful if you need this sort of thing.

MSGTAG is an indispensable addition to your email client. When you send an email, MSGTAG tells you when the recipient opens your message, so you know they received it OK. It's just like registered mail for email.

The Wall Street Journal and PC World magazine love it, along with loads of other magazines and newspapers around the world.

MSGTAG 2 is:

simple to use
quick to download
packed with innovative features that make email a much more reliable way to communicate
And you won't even know it's there. Just set it up and forget!

This month, we're offering you an incredible US$20 discount on MSGTAG 2. That's a saving of over 33% !!

This special price expires on Wednesday November 30. To receive your US$20 discount, you'll need to enter this special code into the box marked 'Your coupon code' when you reach the purchase page:


So why wait? Take control of your outgoing email now! Click here now to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

--- End quote ---

Hm, I wonder how it works... one of those annoying things that insert a 1-by-1 pixel "tracking image"? (which thankfully don't work when you've disabled external images in your mail client). Or just one of the regular "read-notifcation-request" mail header thingies?

i too would like to know more about the method..
as fodder points out, return-receipt stuff is built into existing email protocol.  does this work differently and how.

Carol Haynes:
I don't know - I haven't tried it.

There is a demo version you can download so you could try and see what it does?

I presume it doesn't work by inserting single pixel images as they say it doesn't work with Yahoo, Hotmail etc. which don't block such images.


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