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NANY 2009 Release: MGTD


NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name MGTD Version 1.0 Short Description With MGTD you can easily generate a document (.html) containing information about all ( selected ) tables and constraints for a selected user, in Oracle. Supported OSes All that support JavaDownload
Link Requirements
* Java JRE >= 1.6 update 7Author

I started writing this application few days ago because I will soon need to create a document (at work ), just like the one that this application generates. I am currently working on a project , and need to provide a complet list of all tables and constraints for several users in DB that we created... I, maybe, could use some existing application to do this, but I wanted to make it myself ;-)

Not many people could use , or might need this kind of application, but for those who DO, here it is...  ;)

This app is not for release yet, so there is no download link provided at this moment, and no screenshot.

With MGTD ( do not ask what it means  :) )  you can easily generate a document (.html) containing information about all ( selected ) tables and constraints for a selected user, in Oracle.
Every table is described ( what columns it contains , what data type ( ans size of it) , nullable? information and a comment ) and there is also a list of all constraints for that table ( Primary keys, Checks, Foreign keys and Unique keys ).
You can select what you want this app to generate, and you can also filter or exclude tables, change colors for rows containig these data, etc.

No installation is required. Just copy/paste files that I'll provide here soon.
This app is written in java, so you need to have JRE 1.6  installed on your system.

Using the Application
User must first log on to DB, optionally filter tables or exclude some , select a path where to save generated document, optionally select prefered colors and click "Generate".

Just delete pasted files.

Planned Features
As for now, only supported extension when saving generated document is .html. I plan to add .pdf and .doc or .rtf as well...

Known Issues
I'm developing this application when I have that short free time, and developing it with a great hurry. I hope that all the queries that I wrote in it are  completelly OK. If not, I'll improve it... As for now, it all seems ok...
I need those testing days that I don't have...   :(

Excuse my english...

And... here it is...

You can now download and try MGTD.

Here is the Link.

As I said: not many people would find it usefull, but for those who need something like it, it's more than helpfull, and I hope they'll like it...

I'm so happy I partitipated this year's N.A.N.Y. !

Happy new year!


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