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NANY 2009 Release: PESplash

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name PESplash Version v1.7.0.11 Short Description this tool will attempt to embed text information into a CODE section of
any PE file. it does so by finding valid opcode strings and replaces
them with "like-minded" opcodes therefore not changing the size or
operability of the file. Supported OSes Windows 32-bit Web Page Download Link not much, just Win32 OSv1.7.0.11
* v1.7.10
   fixed a bug that would randomly corrupt text in both embedding and
   retrieving process
   improved the retrieving routine and can now get watermark text
   much faster!

   inserts a default 'save as' filename once the 'open' file is
   this could possibly cause problems since the routine
   uses the '.' as a deliminator and renames the file. an example
   of a problem would be in a path with '.' used in the name:
   would result in:
   since, by default, it simply adds a 'w' after the filename and
   then re-adds the extension
   added drag & drop support
v1.6 RTM
   added a group box around the progress bar with changing caption
   text explaining basically what the bar is keeping track of

v1.5 beta
   fixed 'ops.dat' reading code to allow for commented lines starting

   with '//'. this allows for easier management of this file.
   buttons are now disabled when performing a task

   Hidden Text edit box is now read only

   ProgressBar is half-way decent (could still use some better
   progression tho)

   inclusion of ProcessMessages to help the window stay focused on more
   than the ProgressBar when performing a task! (thanks guys :))

   LOTS of code cleanup!

   this build is practically a FINAL version and may be converted to
   FINAL once further testing proves its reliability

v1.1 beta
   now uses an external file 'ops.dat' which contains mask pairs for

   created an icon

v1.0 beta
   first gui build and name changed to PESplash

v0.1 beta
   all 3 switches are operable(-e | -r | -c)
   embeds data and saves to "newfile.exe"
   can now retreive embedded data from watermarked file
   returns space available for watermarking

   do NOT try to use this with a packed file, it'll crash
   or at best, it'll make the packed file useless!

v0.3 alpha
   now takes text input for embedding

   converts text to a binary string and saves changes to "testbin.bin"

v0.2 alpha
   got rid of the temp file (now stores text bytes into memory

   saves changed CODE section as a binary file "testbin.bin"

v0.1 alpha
   initial build

   uses one set of masks only, no table yet

   creates temp text representation of valid opcodes from CODE section
   of a PE file

   creates temp text representation of changed CODE section with ALL
   bytes found by mask0 or mask1Seedling

Executable code steganography

I have submitted a rather unusual app that takes a different approach in steganography.  I (with the help of friends and Oleh Yuschuk's disassembly engine  ) developed this application way back in 2003-2004. The app is called PESplash.  It embeds text into windows exe files using interchangeable assembly opcodes.

With this app you can create your own 'keys' (ops.dat file) that will be able to embed/read hidden text via a binary stream based on the interchangeable codes you have in your ops.dat file.  So, it embeds this data into the CODE section of your executable file and will run just as originally compiled without error and yet contains hidden data.  Now, be warned, if you decide on interchangeable opcodes and you are wrong, then your application will most likely not run correctly. the default ops.dat file contains most zero flag, interchangeable codes that should not be a problem to swap (but it's not perfect).

So to summarize, it embeds text into your executable files.  This could be used in nefarious ways (and is the reason i never released it to the public).  Use with restraint, but it's a pretty cool way of tracking who is downloading your files (if released in the wild), send messages, etc.

Anyway, that's my submission, enjoy.

Also, please note that this is free and without protection, however, if you plan on using this in a corporate/commercial product, then you must contact me for proper compensation.


unzip this to a dir of your choice and run it :)

Using the Application
Select an unpacked app, have it scan for the amount of bytes available (per your ops.dat file keyfile) then write the text to the file, done. to retrieve the embedded text, just open the file and select retrieve, done. :)

just delete the files that you unzipped, done :)

Known Issues
this will not work with already packed (compressed) executable files. that is, it will seem to work, but the file will not work.

Very cool  :up:

Wicked :)

but it's a pretty cool way of tracking who is downloading your files (if released in the wild)
-seedling (December 25, 2008, 10:08 PM)
--- End quote ---

What exactly do you mean by that?

but it's a pretty cool way of tracking who is downloading your files (if released in the wild)
What exactly do you mean by that?
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Im interested as well; what did you mean?


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