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The Incredible Machine solver

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I always wanted to make a distributed computing project that would use brute force to find interesting solutions to puzzles from The Incredible Machine (

I found a Flash clone called The CCL Game:

There are 10 levels to brute force.

I made a .swf file client that can be distributed. It tests tile arrangements that my server sends it and reports back whether it was a solution. However, it isn't ready to be released as a distributed computing project because it isn't optimized or secured and my server can't handle the project.

Is there anyone here with experience in creating distributed computing projects who would be interested in helping me get this project running?

I'm afraid I can't offer the help you're requesting but I thought I'd just say that it sounds cool!

Extremely cool.. i'm interested to hear more about how you went about doing the distributing computing project.

what language are you coding it in? sounds like a great idea



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