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farr slow to open from shortcut keys


Hi, I love farr, but lately I've been using the 'start' menu to find my applications because of farr just taking too long to start from hotkeys.
generally 5-20 seconds and cannot type until it's ready.

I am not sure what to change to make it fast again.

only seems slow when I'm NOT connected to my work windows domain.
XP sp3.

the only search folders I have is a folder on the desktop ( shortcut to applications I've installed), shortcut to all user start menu and farr scripts folder(that was on by default so I dunno what for).

processor is not doing anything at the time of 'freezing' when farr opens.

any will what could be the issue would be appreciated.

Cheers, stevo.

Perhaps you will get more specific responses but in the mean time, if you haven't seen the following already, may be there might be something of use in one of them:

If you don't feel like messing with your existing installation, you might consider a second one:

If a fresh second installation (if you check the thread you'll see it's possible to leave your original installation in place) doesn't duplicate the behavior, perhaps knowing that might help in further investigations into the matter...

sorry for any delay in replying, I found the problem.

It was some unused links in my "shortcut folder" for applications I had uninstalled, and 2 applications that run over the network from a server on our work domain. I removed these, and bling, fast as roger rabbit! wooh.

Thanks, stevo.

Great news!

Thanks for reporting back and sharing what worked for you  :Thmbsup:

Ditto, what ewe said  :up:


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