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Learning CHS


How do you use Quick Note Add?
How do you use Count Caracters?
How do you use Spell Windows Object and what is it?
What is Reestablish Clipboard Periodically?
In the help file under Welcome it shows a screen shot where it says there are 94 caracters in clip.  How do you get this to display.
I have been trying to learn the program.  It seems to be very helpful.  I like how it does not take over the clipbord function but rather enhances it if needed.  Does it also store images?  Sorry for so many questions but I am the curious type.  TIA

i really need to update the help files for all of the programs, it's long overdue.

1) storing images+richtext: is coming soon (as an option) but it currently only copies plaintext.

2) count characters: specify the hotkey for it in options and then (when main window is minimized <- important), just select some text and hit the spell hotkey and it will report the character count in the system tray.  maybe i should add an option to auto-show it on capture?

3) restablish clipboard periodically: all tools which automatically capture clipboard can get interfered with by other programs that dont behave well, and lose their connection to the clipboard sometimes, and then they fail to capture until you "re-establish" the connection.  this option auto re-established occassionally so this doesn't happen.

4) quick note add: not fully implemented yet - is meant to be a small window popup where you can type a note to store in some group; right now just bring up main window and hit + button, it does the same thing.

5) spell windows object: idea is to add spelling inside other programs.  again it works by specifying a hotkey, and then triggering that hotkey from the progam.  unfortunately does not currently work inside internet explorer.  test it in notepad for an example of how it works.

i'll try to update the help files soon.

Ok thank you I appreciate the reply

One more question, what is the difference between Quick Paste and New?  Thank you,   

quick paste is a "virtual" group that defines which clips appear in the quick paste menu (shown when you hit the hotkey to paste text into an application, ctrl+alt+q by default).

by default the quick paste group contains clips added in the last hour or so and also any clips in your database marked as favorites, but you can modify this by modifying the quick paste group.


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