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"Circledocks" open at windows startup

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I like Circledock, it's a very handy (and nice looking) application. :up:
But if I put it in the start up folder, all the "Circledocks" (I use 5 of them) show up at windows start up.
So I have to close them all every time.
That's a bit annoying.
Is there any way to fix this (in the next version maybe)?

Hello everyone
I've downloaded your nice program! I managed to put de Icons in it, but I wonder, how I can make several circles. That would be great for me, than I like to have all my Photoprg in one circle, and video things in another one and so on. How can I do that?
Gts from Switzerland (It's cold here)

Just copy the program folder several times.
Then you can open them separate.
PS: It's cold in Holland too!

I seem to be having a problem getting my circle open at startup. I've placed the whole circle folder in the startup but by doing this, all these other errors come up with the circle. So I tried just placing the Circle icon in startup but then it won't open. So any ideas on how I can fix it? :-[

My first suggestion is to take all of Circledock out of the start up file.
Make sure that all of the Circledock files are in a file labeled circledock.
If for any reason you are unsure, you can download and unpackage the program again, even over your current install.

You can now place the file in any directory you wish. I have mine in C:/Program Files/CircleDock.

Once you have placed your Circledock file, go into the file and make a shortcut of the CircleDock.exe

You can then place shortcut in the start up folder.

Now depending on your OS, this can be easy, or can get a little annoying.

If you are using XP, just cut and paste, or drag and drop the shortcut into the start up folder, in your start menu start up folder.

If you are using Vista you will need to do the following:
First off you can not properly just drag and drop a shortcut to the start up folder, as everything you put in here will create a start on logon registry key, that being said it can still be done.

Right click on the CircleDock shortcut you just created and in the context menu click "cut"

Next open the Start Menu and click on "All Programs"
scroll down to the "Start Up" Folder and right click.
In the context menu Click "Explore"

Once the folder window has opened for the Start up folder., either go to edit and then click paste, or in the body of the window right click and in the context menu click paste.

Now you should get a question box to allow this, if you have your UAC turned on, it will ask for administration privileges.
Go ahead and allow.

Close the window, go back to the start menu, all programs, start up and open the file to ensure the CircleDock shortcut is there.

If it is, then restart your computer, and CD will be there upon boot.

If it is not in the folder, or does not come up on boot, let me know and we will go to the next phase.

Good Luck :Thmbsup:


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