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DONE: give a driveletter a name say E = DVD-writer

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Hi i want a programme so i can give my dvd-writers a name

now my dvd-writer of sony has driveletter E and my NEC dvd-writer has driveletter F

i want to name them like say E sony dvd writer and F NEC dvd writer

the only thing you can do is thange the driveletter

thanks :D

Sure, gimme 10 mins :)

Sure, gimme 10 mins :)
-PhilKC (November 27, 2005, 02:34 PM)
--- End quote ---

if you are serious it's great if not why tell lies?

can this even be done?

OK, 10 mins was a slight exegeration, but, i'm working on it now, shouldn't be long :)


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