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Multiple screens?


Hi, First off... Love this tool!
A small suggestion for future releases...
Would be nice if you could choose what screen to display it on (for those of us who use multiple screens...) and have the option of having one on each screen...or even a couple on the same screen...

Thanks for the great freeware!


good idea.

exactly what i was thinking. im having an issue with samurize where i want my config to dock to the top of my third monitor but so far havent found anything that works with multiple monitors

Any idea on if this will be implemented or does anyone know of such a program that supports multiple monitors? I think this would really increase the usefulness of this application.

:tellme: Just tried to use it for the first time on my newest multi-monitor setup. No love. (sniff). Guess I'll wait for the update liek the others.


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