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DC-IRLDD Champaign, IL - New Years

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DC-IRLDD = DonationCoder In Real Life Dinner + Drinks

My normal custom is to spend holidays programming, but this new year's it looks as if i'm going to get a visit from dc members Gothi[c] (our intrepid server admin and expert coder), and his wife Della.

And I wanted to warmly welcome any other DC member within driving range to come join us.

It will be a low-key non-eventful event, and i'm not generally very social, so i wouldn't cancel the party you were going to go to where you might have a chance of talking to that girl/guy you have a crush on, but if you are living a geeky solitary life, why not come have dinner with us?  There is plenty of room to camp out in my house for the night.

When: December 31st - January 1st.
Where: My house in Champaign, IL.

Send me a message if you intend to come and i'll send you details.



I wonder: are there any other DC users from Berlin, Germany? I know hadez will be in Berlin on December 31st (and before that and after that too), so we could make a small "DC German Faction" gettogether. I know just the place to meet: c-base.

OK You Germans and Berliners: speak up and lets have a blast! :D  :Thmbsup:

Edit: spelling and dates, and I even went over it twice before I originally submitted it

Free DC mugs will be provided to all DC regulars who meet up at housetier's c-base!

I would attend, if I could :( - maybe sometime soon (within the next year or so?) when I have cash (and lack of annoying constant parental supervision :D) to get to the next major get-together :) (AZ -> IL = $$).


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