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Please help me build my new computer, DC!

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I just bought this case from Newegg.

CoolerMaster CM 690

nice looking case cloq, and nice to see that it's not super insanely expensive the way cases seem to be these days.

Every harddisk producer has had some bad batches - some have had more than others, though (IBM DeathStar series, a lot of maxtors that overheated, ...). The brand I've personally had the least problems with is WD. I've only had single of them fail on me, and that was in a cramped case that had an ambient temperature of 50+ Celsius :). Oh, and their raptor drives supposedly have pretty low defect rate.

As for CPU, it sounds like just about anything on the market right now will fit your needs, so there's not much use in waiting for the i7 to go down in price. On the other hand, there's not that big a price difference between a 2.66GHz core2quad and a 2.66GHz i7 (which is also quad... but has HyperThreading, 8meg cache instead of 6meg, and integrated memory controller. Hmm.)

EDIT: forgot to say, I've learned that you should always have an intake fan (80mm or 120mm) directly in front of your harddrives. Keeps them colder (dropped a maxtor drive by ~20 Celsius), and I'm pretty certain that keeps them alive longer. At least I haven't had a drive crash since I started cooling them down.


Did you notice.. no screws needed for cards or drives!!  :-*

Actually ordered it a couple days ago.. and UPS is here delivering it!

Ah.. easy cleaning case fans 120mm. The blade unit pops out for easy cleaning.

magnetic-barometric 120mm case fans


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