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Please help me build my new computer, DC!

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Intel core i7 is about $300, from what I see.

8GB DDr-3 ram seems to be about $250.  Is this the latest RAM type now?

I doubt I'll get an IOdrive.  I'm thinking about 3 1TB drives, 2 of them Seagate, maybe 1 WD (or another Seagate), I don't know.  THe two seagates will be used for dual-backup, and the other one will just be my main drive.  Maybe I'll try Samsung finally, I hear a lot of good things about them, but I don't know anything about them.  I know from my experiences, I've never had problems with Seagate and WD.  I'll probably go with all Seagate because they have the longest warranty's, and that's all I really care about.  I back up 3-fold, so losing data is not an issue.  The drives altogether will probably run me $300-500.

This is already getting pretty expensive, but that's ok.  Maybe $2000 will be my limit, I don't know.

What monitors do you guys recommend?

ok id take issue with your drive selection and ram.

i'd suggest getting one top-speed drive for your C drive.  that is not going to be a terrabyte drive, its going to be substantially smaller if you want to be able to afford it.  in fact i would go for 3 drives, 2 superfast 200gb or so drives (10k), and then 1 big drive (terrabyte) which you will use mostly for storage, and dont worry about speed.  alternatively one superfast for C drive and then 2 big slow ones for data.

for ram, 8gb is overkill.  id rather get 4gb of high quality ram for same price.

Hmm, interesting, I never considered that.  OK, 2 small, fast drives.  1 large drive for storage.  But then I still need 2 large drives for my backups (double redundancy).  That's 5 drives!  If you remember my backup article.  I backup everything on the 2 drives, and one of them is kept in a physically different location.

OK, so what are the specs for 4gb high quality ram?  Brand+model please.  Thanks.

In case no one noticed, I started putting my table together in my top post.

So, Seagate doesn't have a 10k drive?  I guess I'll go on to the WD Raptor in that case.  That's too bad, I really like Seagate's 5 year warranty.

Man, 10k's are expensive!  So, two WD Raptor's 150GB will run me about $340.

But then I still need 2 large drives for my backups (double redundancy).
--- End quote ---

get yourself an external usb2 enclosure for that -- put a rack in it so you can swap in backup drives and change them out at will. this has many advantages:
1) you can use it to backup multiple pcs.
2) you can swap in and out spare backup drives.
3) you can disconnect the backup drives when not in use -- safer.


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