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FARR plugin: Akete

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Thanks for the report.

Hmm...May I ask how you performed the installation of the plugin and what version of FARR you are using (I'm using 2.45.01)?

FWIW, the new plugin has some code split out into a separate file so upgrading is no longer a matter of replacing fscript.js -- on the off-chance that that's what was going on :)

Edit: I managed to reproduce the error -- investigating now :)

Terribly sorry -- completely my fault.  Sorry to have wasted your time.

I have uploaded a version with a work-around [1] -- this time I tested the installation from the downloaded file (like I should have done to begin with!).

[1] I had code for determining the directory of the plugin that was specific to my atypical set up -- as I understand it, a future version of FARR should make the work-around unnecessary (though I'll need to update the plugin to make use of the feature).

Thanks. Works perfectly now!

Can I disable the 'Failed to look up value for' popping up for non-configured file types somehow? (not all files want to be opened by Akete ;) )

Now if only mouser could fix the 'wildcard matching not working anymore in alias result' problem...

Thanks for testing again and noticing the issue with non-configured file types.  Very good point :)

I tested a change I made to address the issue and it seems to be working here.

I've uploaded a new version and I have my fingers crossed.

Edit: there may be an issue w/ right-clicking on a result which has an extension that has not been configured -- looking into this now.

Ok, I think the "right-clicking on a result which has an extension that has no related configuration" issue has been addressed -- hopefully in an appropriate manner.


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