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Happy New Year, DC, and watch out for fire hazards!


What a fine way to end the year, we saw, when DonationCoder was named the most useful forum on the Internet. Wow, mouser! But at the exact same time, I found this picture which I haven't seen before, even though it seems it used to be famous, and I thought you all should see it. Not because of the increased fire hazards tonight, but because it is a fantastic picture, I think. The photographer was on the job as a fire behavior analyst from USDA Forest Service, eight years ago when he took this picture, and so the camera's default was "compress". Nevertheless it turned out to be an amazing photo! Notice the two deer in the creek.

© John McColgan:
Bitterroot National Forest in Montana on August 6, 2000

1756x1084 pixels:

Happy New Year, DC, and watch out for fire hazards!

Happy New year - and don't smoke in bed!  :o


Happy New Year All I hope all your hope and dreams come true in 2009.

Considering I live in one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world, that picture wasn't really necessary   :)

mmmmm.......smoked venison.......

Merry New Year!!!!



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