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Spoiler tag


I'm very much in need of something that does what the spoiler tags (used on this site) do, but I need it for use in Word or web mail.
I just want to create expandable/collapseable sections of data and images. This is incredibly useful.
Any suggestions appreciated.


I found this link: Toggle Data Display
It gives instructions on how to achieve what (I think) you want


I don't know how to use macros, but I'll try, as soon as I get caught up on Christmas stuff.

"The construction of the macrobutton field is very simple."

"The AUTOTEXT fields store the AUTOTEXT entry to display.  The AUTOTEXT fields are nested in the conditional IF fields and displayed as the "True" condition."

Aaagghhhh! My brain!

Any other suggestions?

Aaagghhhh! My brain!
-SKesselman (December 15, 2008, 10:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D

I know, if that's "very simple", I don't want to see "moderately complicated"  :D

But please notice that we can actually "cheat" and just download the template that the author has published at the bottom of the webpage, did you see it? It doesn't have great formatting, but both macros are already there, so you can add your text and formatting around it and use the button(s) he made. Just an idea.


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