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In-car GPS

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I just got my wife a Mio Moov 310.  It was only $140 at Fry's.  I've read one or two bad reviews on it since I got it and this is my 1st experience with a GPS so I don't know how it stacks up to other GPS units.

Pros: Big Screen, Real Time Traffic Alerts (which can be a big time saver, spoken street names (it garbles a few, but overall, it prevents you from having to look at the screen), pretty good UI - several different view of your route, favorites, pretty good listing of nearby points of interest.

Cons: Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes to find your location.  It seems to lag a little behind your actual position.  For example, it will say 'In 100 feet, turn left' while, or slightly after you have already made the turn (is this common)?

A mate took our Navman S30 to Europe.  He bought the European maps but the Navman wouldn't allow him to navigate to an address outside of the country he was currently in.  So he had to refer to maps to try and find out where he should cross the border and navigate to there.  Then he could navigate to his destination in the new country.

As you can imagine he made plenty of mistakes covering half of Europe resulting in many hours wasted.  Not to mention that refering to maps kind of defeats the purpose.  Since I'm going to Europe myself later this year I've decided I'll be buying a new GPS.  If anybody can recommend how to avoid this problem it would help me sleep easier at night!


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