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NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)

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Moderator of Best Music Player and Organiser on TechSupportAlert about Trout player:"It has some nice advantages with the BASS engine, playing lots of music formats and resource efficiency (it would place high on my list of the lightest players). It seems to continually improve and has active development. Auto loads lyrics now (without tag saving support).

I've commented about it somewhere in past here, and I have similar problems this time with a slow playlist, and I saw an innocuous error message under a standard account (but it didn't seem to hinder any noticeable functions)."

bug report - running version 1.0.6 build 3 and it appears to periodically steal/disable the F1 key

I generally leave it running in the background while I'm working and at some point in the day the F1 key stops working (an essential key for logging into one of our mainframe systems) - I have no idea what triggers it, but isolated it to Trout by progressively closing the running apps until the functionality returned... 

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v1.0.6 build 10 - 2011-07-27
    ! Fixed a static hotkey issue.  (Thanks, Target)

cool, thanks!!

just out of curiosity, what was the trigger?

It was a static hotkey I erroneously left in the code when I added the WriteToXML and WriteToINI functions.


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