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NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)

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Just a heads up: AVG Free just flagged trout.exe as being a threat (some generic downloader).  It gave me this link for more information:

Is it just me or is this link worthless? It just takes me to the Virus Encyclopedia search page but doesn't actually perform a search or tell me what I should be searching for to get more information.

That's just great.   >:(  Now AVG is flagging executables even when they're not UPX-packed...   :mad:

FWIW, I just scanned Trout via the VirusTotal website:

And here's one from Jotti's malware scan site:

v1.0.4 build 27 - 2010-04-16
    + Added ability to easily go back to the last manual seektime performed.
      Access this feature via the List menu or by right-clicking the seekbar
      itself.  (Thanks, mouser)


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